Wall clocks in interior decor

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Wall clocks in interior decor

In recent times, old-fashioned clocks have been replaced by beautiful modern design clocks, made of fine materials and in various (large) sizes. Read on to learn how to best apply these beautiful wall clocks to your interior design.

From classic to modern, with the traditional ‘tik’ or silent smooth clockwork, wall clocks of all sizes have long been key parts of the home (or office) interior design. More and more lately, however, we see a striking new trend - the large design wall clocks.  These large clocks are a wonderfully beautiful and functional alternative to a painting or artwork on the wall; they are so creative that this timepiece trend is worth setting on a wall to set the interior tone – give it the space it deserves.  


Large wall clocks Nomon

Well-known in more than 60 countries, Spanish brand Nomon specializes in the deisgn of minimalistic and large wall clocks. Creativity, design and technology are key in the manufacture of Nomon clocks. Jose Reina Maria and Mario Ruiz, the designers of the luxury brand, design intricate, modern clocks that fit effortlessly into a stylish, comfy living room, but also in a sleek modern conference room or office. With Nomon’s unique blend of sleek design, various materials, and colorful lacquers and wooden finishes, the clock possibilities are endless. For example, a "walnut" wood finish gives the modern clock a soft and warm feel, but the same clock can, of course, also be chosen in polished steel or lacquered in one of many colors, like red, black, or white; your choice. Every Nomon clock has their own character, especially due to the different style, size and number of timestamp options, resulting in the best suitable wall clock for every desired room.


Tips for determining the correct size

When choosing a wall clock, it is important that, in addition to the clock style, the clock dimensions are also carefully considered. Not only the size of the wall where the clock will be mounted should be considered, but also the viewing distance is important to note in this respect. Namely, ensure that you are placing your large wall clock onto an easily viewable wall. The larger the clock, the more sufficient the viewing distance will need to be. This also works for a new television/ flat screen; here also, the distance from the viewer to the television is very important. If in doubt, note that the Nomon large clocks descriptions on our site offer a print, in which the clock size and measurements are simulated. By cutting out the shapes in the print, and hanging them on wall or spot you want the clock to go, you can be certain whether or not it will fit. In this way, you can rest easy and enjoy the clock without any doubt!