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Robin Dullaart - 27 / Sep / 2018

Eichholtz Furniture and Accessories

Eichholtz is a renowned design brand in the international interior design world. The company was created 20 years ago by Theo Eichholtz and has enjoyed a spectacular growth since the start. We would like to offer you a virtual glimpse of the magnificent showroom and will show you 6 beautifully decorated style rooms. Would you like more information on the products on display? Then click on the product link!

Eichholtz Furniture and Accessories
WDS Magazine

EICHHOLTZ, international supplier of furniture and accessories has its headquarters in Noordwijkerhout, right in the middle of the bulb fields. Today we will be taking you along for a visit to our fantastic showroom. First, an introduction:

Eichholtz history

As a relatively young brand, our history only goes back twenty years. Theo Eichholtz was the son of a supermarket owner, whose history goes back to 1888. Business obviously runs in the family's veins, even though for Theo Eichholtz it was particularly the passion for ambience and atmosphere which persuaded him on a trip through Asia and America that he had found his calling. Together with his boyhood friend Auke Wichers, he started the company and expanded it to the 50 employees it has today.

Theo Eichholtz

Eichholtz has become a name in the international interiors' world thanks to the drive, passion and entrepreneurship of one man: Theo Eichholtz (1967). And it remains so to this day. An afternoon stroll around an antique market in Parma, Italy or a flea market in Saint-Germain in Paris will often produce a flood of new ideas. That is the way EICHHOLTZ works, all products are designed by the in-house design team, and subsequently these products are manufactured by craftspeople from across the globe.

The determination of the two founders, the use of excellent materials and in particular the preference for a warm ambience and atmosphere have brought the company to where it is today. Eichholtz is synonymous with pure craftsmanship, in a way the people in those countries can provide like no other. Eichholtz chooses to use high quality materials and products and keeps a close eye on the styling. The way collections are put together as well as the complete styling are two key features of the brand, which make it stand out from other brands. In the meantime, worldwide interest exists for the Eichholtz products and accessories, which means that we as Wilhelmina Designs are suitably proud of our varied range and strong collaboration.


The Eichholtz style

The EICHHOLTZ style can best be described as eclectic, international and glamorous. Even though the 'Eichholtz style' has become a well-known phrase, in their own words Eichholtz say that there is no specific style that defines their work. "even though we always work from a central idea, we set different, innovative and dynamic goals when creating a new collection. International boundaries have never limited us in the finding and sourcing of the best of the best. According to Diana Vreeland, the eye has to travel and this is something I wholeheartedly agree with", so says Theo Eichholtz.

The Eichholtz showroom

On arrival at the Eichholtz headquarters, we are welcomed by the receptionist in an impressive entrance hall. Two deep-blue beautiful classic cars; a Jaguar E-type and an Aston Martin, are displayed underneath a glass atrium. With the motto 'You only have one chance to make a first impression' in mind, it is immediately clear that only the best is good enough here.

The sales employee takes us along to the company restaurant on the 1st floor and offers us a delicious cappuccino with fresh apple pie. The area is suitable for welcoming individual customers, as well as larger groups of people. Often, sumptuous lunches are served here as well. We discuss which products we are interested in, and the employee tells us in which style rooms these products can be seen. Some explanation about the lay-out is indeed needed, because Eichholtz has no fewer than 40 style rooms covering a floor area of 4,000 m2. On request, the in-house design team prepares extensive 3D drawings, allowing complete projects to be designed and executed with the Eichholtz signature.

Eichholtz style rooms

We'd like to invite you along past a number of beautifully decorated style rooms. You may be interested in some of the furniture or accessories you can see in the photographs. We have provided most of the products with a link to either wilhelminadesigns.com or eichholtz.com, so you can quickly find more product information. All the products, provided they are in stock, can be ordered from Wilhelmina Designs! Between the lines we will give you practical living tips on how to furnish your interior in the Eichholtz style. Would you like more information? Call our customer service department on (033) 828 0140 or send an email to [email protected].

The showroom is not freely accessible for private customers, so if you are interested in specific Eichholtz furniture that you would like to view in the showroom in advance, please contact our sales department to make an appointment

eichholtz showroom 

Style room ‘Modern-chic’

The first room is directly adjacent to the restaurant. The style is 'modern chic'; the lines are sleek, but features warm hues and robust materials. The coffee table 'Gamma' is placed centrally in the area, mirrored in duplicate. The table is sumptuously decorated with a couple of hurricane 'Palisades' complete with artificial candles, and a 'Giacomo' serving tray. The artificial candles are ideal if you don't like dripping wax. The candle always keeps it sleek shape, while you simply replace the tea light. On the other table, a storage box 'Cabas' is displayed.

Style Tip: It is always a good idea to have a beautiful box on the table, it can be used to store items such as remote controls and trinkets, leaving you with a tidy coffee table!

The bottom glass shelf contains a number of beautiful coffee table books. Indispensable in today's lifestyle.  Next to the 'Canyon' sofa is a 'Gamma' side table and above the coffee table hangs the decorative chandelier 'Bernardi'. Standing lamp 'Cambell', in a luxurious bronze finish, is positioned next to the sofas. The walls are decorated with a series of beautiful drawings of classical architecture. 

dining room shades of grey eichholtz 

Style room 'Shades of Grey'

The following style room consists of a dining room and a sitting room, finished in 'shades of grey'. Here, light grey shades are combined with anthracite furniture and wall finishes. The large dining table 'borghese', with a top of charcoal veneer and black nickel finish legs, is flanked by the tremendous dining room chairs 'Boca Grande'. Beautiful tub chairs in black fabric, finished with sturdy studs. The hanging lamps 'Ludlow'  made of coloured glass are real eye catchers. At the back of the dining room, there are two 'Brunel' dressers with shagreen-look fronts and brass handles. On the dresser, the luxury table lamps 'Mornington' with a base made up of stacked faceted smoked glass components.


The sitting room contains the armchairs and the sofa 'Les Palmiers' grouped around the coffee table and side tables 'Pentagon'. Glass chandeliers 'Earls Court' can be seen standing on the table. The exclusive table lamps 'Beau Rivage' have a vintage brass base on a black foot. Chandeliers 'Matrix' hang above the coffee tables. The geometric shape combined with the highly polished metal makes an outrageous statement in the space! Above the dresser 'Durand', the mirror 'Shagreen' reflects the shagreen finish of the dresser in the dining room.

sitting room in black and white


Style room Chelsea Loft

The 'Chelsea Loft' style room has a strong black and white foundation with high gloss accents. What jumps out is the strong symmetry, and additionally the room has been designed from the heart outwards.

Style Tip: if you fancy changing your home interior, try starting in the centre of the space. Make sure the room is completely empty when you start, so you can work with a blank canvas. Often, people first fill up all the walls with furniture because they are worried about ending up with 'empty walls'. Designs that have been created from the heart however often provide a richer ambience and more symmetry. Do keep the access lines through the room in mind.

In this design, the coffee tables 'Sceptre' form the basis. Sceptre has been manufactured from artificial marble (synthetic resin), which can hardly be told apart from real, but are of course a lot less heavy to manoeuvre than real marble. The black sofas 'Hallandale' have been placed on either side, flanked by side tables 'Cube' in the same marble look as the coffee tables. The table lamps 'Reef' consist of slender high-gloss steel pipes. Thanks to their height of nearly 1 metre, they help you create the necessary height in the free space. In the foreground you see the ottomans 'Beekman'. Ottomans are extremely practical pieces of furniture, with which you can easily create extra seating, or space to place a serving tray.

Against the back wall made of artificial marble wall panels, an open cupboard of the type 'Lagonda' in high-gloss steel is placed on either side. These cupboards are ideal for holding (personal) home accessories, beautiful books or photo frames for instance. The console table ‘Miramar’, made from highly polished stainless steel. In the middle of the sitting room hangs the spectacular modern chandelier 'Gregorian L', the lamp looks like a star shining in the sky!  

eichholtz dining room 

The dining room features the beautiful timeless chairs 'Boca Raton'  around the chic dining room table 'Garibaldi' with a base of polished steel and a glass top. Above the table hangs the pretty lamp 'Summit'  that has sufficient volume to visually fill the space above the table top.

Style tip: don't be afraid to repeat the use of the same materials. In this example, you see the black marble return in the side tables and coffee tables, the wall panels and the columns. In this way, you achieve a strong theme for your interior. The strength lies in the repeat!

eichholtz international living 

Style room 'Black & Gold'

The following style room features Black & Gold styling. The basis is made up of seating furniture 'Menorca' in a deep-brown colour (Havana Brown). Central to the sitting room are the chic coffee tables 'Villiers'. The deep-black top features petrified wood, which is ridiculously beautiful! The rest of the table is finished in matt gold with a round foot. Villiers is also available as a side table. On the side tables you can see the lamps 'Vittore' and 'Regine'. The last lamp has a foot in which three types of finish form a pretty geometric interaction; gold finish, high-gloss nickel and black nickel. The sofa is flanked by the trolley 'Majestic' in a beautiful combination of mirrored glass and slender steel in a gold finish. The exceptional table lamp 'Margiela' is displayed on the trolley. The foot of the lamp contains slices of agate, the ultimate luxury!

Style tip: a trolley makes a nice alternative to a side table. Put a few pretty bottles and luxury drinking glasses in it and you have created a stylish and practical piece of furniture in your home.

In the foreground you see the slender pouffes 'Nero' with a base of steel in gold finish and a seat of black fabric (Panama Black). A number of 'Chartier' mirrors have been interlinked on the back wall, which has created a very special wall decoration.

Style tip: When decorating walls, also consider using a mirror, or maybe even a series of interlinked mirrors. A beautiful mirror is extremely decorative and gives a spatial effect.

The corner houses the high open cupboard 'Cipriani', which of course repeats the gold-look again. Above the coffee tables hang eye-catching chandeliers 'Antares' in 2 different sizes.


Style room XVI Arrondissement

The following style room is typified as romantic-chic with light grey colour tones and furniture made of high-gloss steel.

Central here are the coffee tables 'Connor'. Because the top has been executed in glass, the geometric shape of the high-gloss steel remains easily visible. Connor is also available as side table. On the side tables, the lamp 'Bulgari' with a crystal glass foot is displayed. As decoration on the table, a series of glass obelisks 'Cantabria' has been selected. The glass-on-glass gives a unique effect. The seating area is made up of elegant sofas and armchairs 'Bouton' made up in a beautiful 'Bague grey velvet' fabric. In the foreground, cute pouffes 'Ponti' have been upholstered in the same fabric with aged bronze studs.

Above the coffee tables hang the 'Presidential' lamps with a frame of high-gloss steel in a lantern shape in which several small lamps with cream coloured shades have been included. This graceful lamp contributes to the romantic look of this room. The back wall features the open cupboards 'Eliot' in the typical curved shape.  These cupboards are a perfect match for the 'Bora Bora' chairs.

entrance hall interior 

The space next to the sitting room features table 'Triumph' with a base of highly-polished steel and a glass top. The walls are clad with square mirrors 'Dior'. This allows the high-gloss material to be repeated.

Style tip: If you have a spacious entrance hall, place an eye-catching table centrally in the space. With a nice bouquet of fresh flowers and a beautiful lamp above it, you can turn an empty hall into a chic space!

sitting room colonial style 

Style room 'Colonial style'

The last style room has a colonial influence with a chic touch of gold. The table top of coffee table 'Harvey' slides out, allowing you to place beautiful objects in the display. The coffee table is richly decorated with, among others, the classic candle sticks 'Emilion' in a beautiful antique brass look. Coffee table 'Harvey' is also available as a side table. On top of the pile of books stands the bronze statue of a cat in art-deco style. The table also contains the storage box 'Cabas', beautifully designed with a black and white geometric motif. The stuffed monkey is characteristic of the style.

The sofa and the armchair are model ' Chambers ' in a light herringbone  linen fabric. The sofa and the chair have been given a sleek design and are beautifully finished with studs. The fringe at the bottom makes the sofa 'softer' in appearance. The pouffes 'Ponti' match. We can't imagine a sofa without decorative cushions, and have a beautiful range of Eichholtz cushions at WDS which can transform the look of your interior.

Style tip: don't shy away from mixing styles, because that will help to create your own style. Mix and match rural with modern, and colonial for instance with art-deco. Do ensure that you have a quiet base to allow the complete picture to shine through strongly. 


Central in the space are the two chandeliers 'Moreaux' in an antique bronze finish with small black lampshades. Ave the mantelpiece, a selection of prints 'Roman Coins ' is framed in a beautiful frame of antique mirror glass.


Style tip: it is often nicer to fill a wall with a series of prints, photos or paintings instead of hanging just one item. This creates a much richer look for the wall. 

Eichholtz in the media


You may know the Eichholtz brand from various types of media, the brand is regularly featured in well-known glossies and magazines. For instance, the brand has recently been featured in Salon, EXPO Visie, Florida Designs, Top Men Magazine, Vogue, Grazia and Dento Casa. Eichholtz selects various media that contribute to the appearance of the brand as a whole, in line with the vision of the company. Eichholtz accessories allow you to create a warm ambience in the home, thanks to the high quality of the materials and the tasteful designs.


Eichholtz range at Wilhelmina Designs


Theo Eichholtz says he takes inspiration from the smallest things and that he sees Paris as the capital of design. The inspiration can come from anywhere, he carefully studies the world around him and tries to capture the ambience which is expressed tastefully via decorative furniture and accessories. He describes the look and feel of Eichholtz furniture as sumptuous, decorative and comfortable, as well as a little bit glamorous. Would you like to buy Eichholtz accessories and furniture, or get some inspiration from viewing the range? Here with us you can choose from a wide collection with a large number of products, ranging from photo frames to ottomans and from candles to clocks.


Browse our collection of Eichholtz furniture and accessories at your leisure, and order them easily online. In this way you will achieve a special piece of design, that will enhance the ambience of the rest of your interior and home.

The delivery time is normally only a few business days. This means that in just a few days you can have a special item of furniture or an accessory in your home, originating from a Dutch brand and made with the highest levels of passion and craftsmanship. Thanks to the luxury image, every Eichholtz product is a real enrichment of the interior, or can be given as a gift which will always be well received.


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