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A sleek, modern interior design is very popular these days. But how do you create a cosy home atmosphere in a modern interior? The key lies in the combination of a strong basis and use of luxury home accessories. Wilhelmina has a great collection of designs with luxurious designer clocks, mirrors, furniture, lighting, vases and wall decoration to help you make your modern home, not only beautiful, but comfortable. 

selection of top brands

Our selection includes beautifully crafted products from top brands like Nomon, HMD, Deknudt, Wonderable and Contardi. These manufacturers all offer excellent high quality products at great value for money and are mostly not available in other shops; but you can shop online for these luxury home accessories exclusively at! 

wall decoration, clocks and mirrors 

Our collection of 'clocks' contain a growing number of designer, wall, and table clocks; take special note of our 'XXL' large wall clock. Spanish clock manufacturer Nomon has very original, minimalist designs (mostly focused on hands only clocks). Japan-based clockfactory Lemnos makes a variety of special designer clocks from different materials such as cast aluminium or porcelain! Mirrors - especially large design mirrors - make a room appear larger, and also have a practical use of course. Above all, though, a beautifully designed mirror is a jewel, a decor item to finish the look of your living room, hallway, bedroom or bathroom. Our extensive mirror range includes both framed mirrors and frameless mirrors, rectangular or round, and various other forms. 

Aside from clocks and mirrors, we also offer other ‘wall decoration’, including our iconic collection of black and white celebrity photographs, framed in luxury aluminium Nelsen frames, to give your interior an iconic, international atmosphere. More to come. 

furniture and vases

Our furniture collection includes coffee tables and side tables from the exquisite Portuguese manufacturers Boca do Lobo and HMD. Our unique vase collection currently consists of 'Thai Blue' a unqiue design series by Carla Peters: a collection of vases that combines Dutch Design with Asian influences. The vases are from the Wonderable brand and made by hand by local artisans in Thailand. 


Contardi is an Italian lighting manufacturer, where the highest quality light standards go hand-in-hand with beautiful Italian design. Take a look at our collection of table lamps, floor lamps, wall lamps and special outdoor lamps.  

We wish you a pleasant shopping experience! Stop by frequently - we're always adding new products and qaulity brands. 

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