Gift ideas for him and her at Wilhelmina Designs

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Gift ideas for him and her at Wilhelmina Designs

Are you looking for gift ideas for him or for her, on a very specific search or just seeking inspiration? It is not always easy to find a suitable gift for the other; what will he or she truly appreciate? We have selected a number of products and categories for you, corresponding with the needs of him and her. The gift ideas for her and for him thereby help you to make a choice that will definitely be appreciated. Naturally, you can expect gift ideas based on our first-rate product line, consisting of e.g. black-and-white photos, high-quality living accessories and the finest furniture.

Gift ideas for her

Are you looking for gift ideas for her, because you are not sure what to give her? Women love, among other things, warmth and like to cosy up the house. This is an excellent opportunity to jump at. In the gift ideas for her section you can for instance use a beautiful Eichholtz candles set, or alternatively a beautiful Claudi cushion. Are you familiar with the interior, for example because you wish to surprise your girlfriend or wife? Then you can link to that by making use of the cushions or other gifts for her. Are you looking for a gift to someone else and wish to keep it more neutral? Candles or other more neutral gifts for the home interior might be better suited.

Moreover, in the gift ideas for her section you can make use of the available picture frames and the black-and-white photos. What do you think for example of the a black-and-white Audrey Hepburn or Brigitte Bardotphoto? The gifts will be much appreciated, just like the picture frames that enable you to place a picture of your own choice. Did you celebrate a special occasion together, or do you possess an old photo you would like her to remember? These picture frames are a perfect match, they will provide for a beautiful gift that is specifically designed to fit in the home interior.

Gift ideas for him

Alternatively, are you looking for gift ideas for him, just seeking inspiration or to find a specific gift? Men love design and gifts with characters, two important elements we considered in the composition of our product line. You can for example make use of a beautiful Nomon design clock, an excellent choice for the interior and with which you can surprise him in a very special way. Moreover, you can make use of a garbage bin or black-and-white photo, a variety of available items have a strong and manly character.

Does your husband appreciate a glass of ice-cold champagne? That calls for the use of a Braid Ice Bucket. This product combines functionality with a gorgeous design, just like the different picture frames we have available. For example, you can choose from a range of small picture frames with a clean-cut design, or go for the more classic items. You can match the gift ideas for him to the man’s interior, or any specific preferences you may be aware of. You can use the gift ideas as inspiration, or order the gifts directly online; thereby making sure you do not even have to leave your home.

Whatever choice you make, our gift ideas for him and for her will give you simple online inspiration. Thereby we are happy to help you find a special gift that will be much appreciated.

Order gift ideas for him and her online

Naturally, you can easily order the gift ideas for him and for her online, you do not even have to leave your home. Instead, just browse through our selection of products and make your choice. Subsequently, we will fluently process your order and immediately care for your shipment. You will thereby have the gifts for him or for her quickly, to help you with an original surprise.