Large wall clocks in the interior

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Large wall clocks in the interior

A large clock is handy for time-telling, of course, but it can also be a wonderful design item for your living room or office. The signature XXL-clocks from Nomon have beautiful design and are made from fine materials.

Nowadays there are many opportunities to add a large wall clock into your homey interior atmosphere. Although, many people consider a clock to be a more suited to a business environment, this isn’t always the case. In fact, the beautiful, designer wall clock collections offered by Wilhelmina Designs prove the opposite: Large, striking wall clocks refine an interior design. Simultaneously airy and high quality, these wall clocks offer an opportunity to upgrade and improve the interior design of a living room, and also to properly utilize a wall space! 

A large wall clock, by Nomon, for example, can be nearly completely customized; from the material (wood or metal) to the color (lacquered, wood, or steel finishes). This means the clock can be made to fit perfectly into any existing interior. The extensive range of finished include: walnut, or wengé wood; lacquered wood (in black, white or red) or polished chrome steel. Wilhelmina Designs offers four different wall clocks from the NOMON Merlín XXL collection:

  1. Rodon
  2. Delmori
  3. Axioma
  4. Bilbao 

A large choice in materials en colors 

Wilhelmina Designs offers a beautiful collection of large wall clocks from Barcelona-based Nomon in our webshop. The Nomon clock designers excel in the minimalistic (but large) design and use of very fine materials, which allows you to still clearly read the time. Here, we’d like to highlight the Merlin I; this clock is versatile; it can have a whole new look/character depending on your choice of options, colors and number of timestamps. You can choose 12 or 4 timestamps, for versatility, but the beauty is that you can also choose from a variety of different timestamp styles and colors. So literally design your clock to your own tastes! Especially when you have all the choice from various materials, finishes and multiple color choices; there are many possibilities. Nomon also offers different models in XXL size, 125 or 155 cm, for example!

Help with application and construction 

If you have any questions when composing your ideal clocks, please feel free to contact Wilhelmina Designs (WDS). WDS provides expert advice and we are thrilled to offer support so you can make the right choice for you. In a previously published blog on this website entitled, "Wall clock in the interior”, are some useful tips that you can follow to help you determine the ideal size/etc of your ideal wall clock. 

To view the entire webshop clock collection, click the ‘clocks’ option in the menu bar. Or click here: ‘Clocks’.  If you want to be informed about new products and clocks from our collections at Wilhelmina Designs, please subscribe for our newsletter or like the Wilhelmina Designs Facebook page.  

A wall clock for the office 

At the office, time often plays a more important role than in the home. Your employees and business guests appreciate being able to keep track of the time, particularly in the reception or waiting rooms. What time is it? Am I still on time for my appointment? When does my meeting start?  Is it lunchtime? 

International companies often do their business in different time zones, by placing a number of internationally calibrated clocks side by side. This way the companies’ customers and staff can see what time it is at the other international locations, or even on the other side of the world. This strengthens the international character of the company or institution. For businesses and project-based assignments/products Wilhelmina Designs offers special rates contact our customer service for more information: customer service.