From house to exclusive home

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From house to exclusive home

In design magazines and in films you often see super luxurious interiors. With a few helpful tips you can also transform your house to an exclusive, luxury home.

An exclusive home arrangement is luckily not only reserved for the rich and famous, even a very modern or modest interior can have a warm and romantic atmosphere: Read the following tips to learn how to transform your house to an exclusive lifestyle home.

materials, decor and lighting

The trick is to use texture and contrast: Let hard and soft materials work off each other, like glossy and matte or metallic accents do. Make the room personal by adding favorite books or family photos to a beautiful design salon table.

using luxurious home accents

A colorful painting and a modern mirror can be combined easily on the wall of luxury home. Modern can be functional as well as comfortable. Decorate with deep-pile, textured and luxurious fabrics and apply add the right design lamp for a touch of sophisticated lighting. Remember, modern does not mean there is no room for classic pieces. Traditional patterns and materials can be wonderfully mixed with sleek finishes and modern, metallic accents. It is, after-all,  precisely these traditional elements that make a modern room warm, familiar and inviting.

mirrors as design objoects

For hundreds of years, humans have wanted to admire themselves; for this purpose they invented mirrors. In the recent past, this meant plain, undecorative rectangular or round mirrors for the bathroom. In modern times, however, (since the 16th century) mirrors have become more and more beautiful and artistic, a design object in modern interiors. The design mirrors. In exclusive interiors you often see a lovely, large standing mirror against a wall, or a more classic mirror hanging above the mantelpiece. mirror have a nice big mirror standing against a wall stand, or see a classic mirrorhanging above the mantelpiece. The basic mirror is typically a faceted mirror with a luxurious frame, in Baroque style perhaps.

create atmosphere with lovely lighting  

The right lighting can have a dramatic effect on any room, enhancing the elegance of the interior. Either as dimmed or brightly a-light, basic lighting makes or break the interior atmosphere of the room. The contrast between the base and target illumination - for example, from a reading lamp next to a chair - creates this dramatic effect. The most romantic form of interior lighting is - without a doubt - accent lighting. Consider the flickering of candlelight, or the special effect given off of illuminated glass on a beautifully set table, these are great design methods to achieve proper accent lighting in your home. Use a combination of ambient lighting, object lighting and accent lighting to set the right mood in your home and create the soft, warm atmosphere you desire. With the right lighting you can easily create a modern environment that is still warm and inviting.

an international atmosphere

Another great idea to create an interesting, international atmosphere in your home is create a wall gallery, or hang a collection of sophisticated black and white photographs. This collection of iconic black and white photos  depicts iconic old Hollywood celebrities in famous scenes, (like Audrey Hepburn at Breakfast at Tiffany’s) add a glamourous, personal touch in the home, and are also a fun conversation piece for your guests. We recommend using a collection of different pictures and sizes hung together on the wall – an iconic wall gallery.

Of course, don’t forget to add a few of the famous ‘coffee table books’  to your home coffee or salon table. The size and luxury added by this book collection make them not only fun to browse, but the collection and presentation is in itself a form of design and décor. Due to the size and luxury presentation, these books are not only fun to browse, but they are also a design object in itself. Taschen in Amsterdam has a wonderful collection of coffee table books!

Do you have an idea on how to create an exclusive living style? We look forward to hearing about it!