The design mirrors from Deknudt Mirror Works

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The design mirrors from Deknudt Mirror Works

Taking a look at one of Europe’s leading manufacturers of design mirrors: Deknudt in Deerlijk (B). Mirrors are not only functional, they are also beautiful design objects for the interior design of a home.

Mirrors are the Deknudt’s reason for being. Recently Wilhelmina Designs visited the Deknudt Mirror Works factory of design mirrors in Deerlijk, Belgium

History: from ancient Egypt to today’s design mirrors

The Egyptians wanted see themselves, and therefore experimented with polished dishware of gold and bronze. Only from the 13th century did man begin to create mirrors out of glass; glass covered with a revolutionary mercury mixture. Venice grew at that time into the world center of mirror production, but this technique was also applied in Germany, France and Flanders. Many years later, Louis XIV flaunted his castle in Versailles with its prestigious mirror halls. From 1830, this is the mirror and process we still know today, where a thin silver layer is chemically applied to one side of a thin flat sheet of glass. To this day, Flanders remains a leading region in the production of high quality mirrors.

Mirror Production

Creating a mirror requires exceptional craftsmanship and carefully accumulated technical know-how. A high reflectance is obtained only after an extremely thin layer of silver is flawlessly applied to a flawless sheet of glass. Since 1946, with knowledge meticulously passed down from generation to generation, Deknudt specializes in the field of mirror production. Design mirrors also require other skills, for example the perfectly mirrored glass is frequently placed in a design frame. A lot of craftsmanship and skill is also required: designing the mirror, carefully decorating the frame with lacquer, gold leaf or silver, applying the correct patina or bevel to the mirror, etc. Deknudt has its own production studios filled with specialists, who know their craft through and through.

Design mirrors from Vlaanderen

Deknudt Mirror Works has modern machinery and an extensive factory. The fragile glass is silvered, printed, pasted, cut and cut to size, sometimes based on unique customer requirements. Deknudt also produces the mirror frames for their design mirrors. Frames crafted from quality polyurethane, or wood, then finished by traditional methods. Deknudt has developed a wide range of unique decorative techniques.


Deknudt brings several unique collections to the market; Wilhelmina Designs offers you a selection of their best and most eye-catching design mirrors.