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Nomon Huge clock 'Mixto Gold N' available in 110cm, handmade in Spain

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The 'Mixto' huge clock is distinguished by its large size and the fact that it is a unique fusion of two of Nomon’s different models.
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Nomon Huge clock 'Mixto Gold N' available in 110cm, handmade in Spain

Mixto's clock hands are crafted from genuine American walnut wood, and it's body and clock work are manufactured brass. The wood is extracted from controlled and sustainable logging.

It’s name says it all, "Mixto" is a mix of the two models modern clock Rodón and large wall clock Merlín, but its got a character all of its own. This huge clock has 12 time signals, 8 round 'dots' and 4 elongated parts which match the hands. Like the 'Rodón', Mixto has a special retro style and fits perfectly into a living room or office decor!


Huge clock Mixto is elegant in design, but is especially notable for its XXL size of 110cm. In-house designer, José María Reina, used minimalistic lightweight components to create Mixto, resulting in a unique, XXL, but lightweight design piece! 

hang the clock on your wall

Mixto can be easily mounted to the wall. Besides the extensive how-to manual, we will also send you a template, which enables you to point out the time signal drill holes, clock work housing, assemble the hands, and drill the holes for the time indicators. Place the parts on your wall and enjoy your Mixto clock!

Clockwork: UTS quartz
Warrenty: standard 2 years warrenty
Materials: Brass, Natural Wood
Assembly: Yes
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