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Nomon 'Cris' modern wall clock - Gold

This modern clock "Cris Gold" with a diameter of 70 cm is handmade from wood, polished steel and fiberglass. You can really enjoy time-telling with this amazing wall clock.
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Nomon 'Cris' modern wall clock - Gold

Cris Gold was designed by manufacturer Nomon’s in-house designer; José María Reina. The interaction of different materials such as natural walnut wood, polished steel and black fibreglass is striking in this clock design.

Create your own clock

The hands can be supplied in natural walnut wood; the clock work is made of chrome plated stainless steel and the ring is made out of fiberglass. You can customize this modern wall clock by varying the finish of the minute hand and the tip of the pointer. With its 70 cm diameter, Chris makes a striking aaddition to your interior. Nomon’s clocks are expertly handmade by the company’s own devoted craftsmen in their Barcelona workshop.

Nomon clocks

Like no other, the Spanish designers behind the Nomon label know how to combine contemporary design with functionality. If you are looking for a high-quality, large, modern wall clock then Chris just might be what you are looking for!

If you have anu questions about 'Cris' wall clock please contact the customer service at
+31(0)33 828 0140  or send een e-mail via [email protected] 

Clockwork: UTS quartz
Warrenty: standard 2 years warrenty
Materials: Natural walnut wood | Polished Steel | Black Fibreglass
Assembly: Yes
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0 stars based on 0 reviews