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Deknudt design mirrors 'Tutti XL'

Design mirrors, like Tutti XL, combine functionality and beautiful design seamlessly, making them true works of art. Wouldn't you want this art-form on your wall?
Delivery time 2-4 weeks
Deknudt design mirrors 'Tutti XL'

Design mirrors are the greatest passion of Belgian designer Annemie Vanzieleghem, who designed Tutti L and the other XL design mirrors for Dekundt. A combination of silvered glass louvers creates a striking optical fragmentation of the surrounding environment.

More about Tutti design

The flawlessly cut 5 mm thick mirror pieces, perfectly polished at the edges, supported by a stable plastic frame. The black painted backside ensures a graphical shadow impression. These mirrors, with their fragmented reflection, are real attention grabbers. This mirror can be mounted both vertically and horizontally.

Size: 87 x 190 cm x 6 cm
Weight: 31 Kg
Designer: Annemie Vanzieleghem
Warranty: 5 years on silvering and decoration
Materials: glass, polyurethane
Packing & Shipping: Packed on pallet
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0 stars based on 0 reviews