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Order trays made of high-grade materials


Order trays made of high-grade materials

Would you like to use trays in your home as decoration or would you like to offer your guests their coffee and beverages on a well-made and high-quality tray? We offer a range of trays from brands such as Blaid that is known for its unusual design and excellent functional application. Browse trough our other home accessoriesand use them to give your home a warm and stylish look.

Purchase a large wooden tray

Are you specifically looking for a large wooden tray that you can use to store your cups and other glasses, or would you like a smaller piece that has the same high-grade finish. The highest quality wood possible combined with the brushed steel makes it a wonderful addition to the rest of your interior. Do not forget to look at our vases, that can be used in combination with our trays and create a special look for your home. Would you like to know more about one of the trays? Feel free to contact the customer service, they are happy to provide you with the information you need.

If you have any questions about our products, please call us on +31(0)33 828 0140, of send us an email to [email protected]