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Lemnos white clock 'Carved' is available with different time signals

Carved is a white clock with carved out time indicators which generates a unique 3D-effect. Vary with the time indicators and choose your favourite!
Delivery time 6-8 working days (when in stock 3-4 business days)
Lemnos white clock 'Carved' is available with different time signals

Meet 'Carved', a white clock of high quality plastic who’s time indicators are cut from the material. 

White clock with 3D effect

The cut time signals cast a shadow on the dial, and such creates a unique 3D effect! Such changes the appearance of the clock depending on the amount of light in the room.

Japanese designer Naoki Terada chose for a high-quality plastic, made especially for interior applications when making this clock. 


choose your favourite style

You can choose from several time indicators: lines for a minimalist look, figures for a playful effect or do you choose a classic contemporary style with the Roman numerals?

You might think differently, but a white clock is actually very nice on a white wall. See the attached photos. You can order Carved in 2 different sizes. Any questions about this product? Please contact the product specialist by robin@wilhelminadesigns.com or +31(0)71 36 485 61

Designer: Naoki Terada
Dimensions: Dimensions: 24cm x D4,2 cm | 30,5cm x D4,2cm
Materials: Special Interior Plastic
Weight: 480 gr | 730 gr
Guarantee: 1 year warranty
4.5 stars based on 2 reviews
Roland M 01-08-2018

alles prima geklappt


De verpakking was zeer goed, de aflevering was heel handig omdat het na de eerste keer aanbieden aan de deur (op dat moment was ik niet thuis)op een afhaalpunt was bezorgd. Meestal wordt het twee keer aangeboden
maar deze methode is veel handiger.
De klok is heel mooi en hangt reeds aan de muur, is tevens stil (je hoort hem niet).
Bedankt voor de snelle levering en de service.

4.5 stars based on 2 reviews