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Lemnos round modern clock

Round modern clock with classic design by Yuichi Nara. A best-selling Modern Japanese black-and-white design. Mono is an asset for any wall!
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Lemnos round modern clock

Reminiscent of a piano keyboard, with its bold black and white styling, this round modern clock takes a modern spin on classic clock design.

Simple, and stylish the Mono clock by Yuichi Nara is worthy of display in any living-space, classic or modern! The clocks’ frame is developed in Takaoka, Japan, where aluminum engineers form the highest quality, aluminum castings. Once crafted, the time pieces are hand polished, one by one, to achieve their mirror-like shine. Just pick a color: black or white polished aluminum.  

Modern round clock  

“Good Design” award winner, Lemnos, produces the best in high-quality, modern and minimalistic Japanese clocks. Lemnos’ success relies on their collaboration with talented Japanese clock designers, like Yuichi Nara. Yuichi designs classic style clocks produced with master handcraftsmanship. Every design is unique in character. 

Designer: Yuichi Nara
Dimensions: Dimensions: 25.6cm x 25.6cm x D4.6cm
Materials: Aluminium, Glass
Weight: 815 g
Guarantee: Standard 2 year warranty
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0 stars based on 0 reviews