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Lemnos modern design alarm clock

Modern Japanese 'mini' design alarm clock available in Red, Gray, and White.Let me wake you up in style!
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Lemnos modern design alarm clock

I am a travel-sized, silent, and oh-so-cute design alarm clock! Wouldn't you want me on your bed-side table – we can wake up together!

Simplistic and modern at its best, this Mini design alarm clock is a high-quality, travel-sized alarm clock made from fibreboard. Mini, designed by Akira Yamamoto, is equipped with silent ‘sweep movement’ technique; it makes no sound until the alarm goes off – ideal for a business trip or simply at your bed side. Its sleek modern design and bold colors – red, gray and white – will fit perfectly in any home.

Modern alarm clock design by Lemnos

Japan's most celebrated clock makers, The Lemnos Group, take high-quality clock design to a whole new level. With collaboration of talented Japanese designers, Lemnos produces stunning modern and simplistic clock designs – designs that have won them many awards, including the “Good Design” award in 2004. 

Designer: Akira Yamamoto
Dimensions: 9cm x 12cm x D3.3cm
Materials: Fibreboard, Glass
Weight: 209 gr
Guarantee: 1 year warranty
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0 stars based on 0 reviews