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Lemnos RIKI analoge klok 'Hibiya No Tokei' by Riki Watanabe

Stardesigner Riki Watanabe designed a modern analog clock which excells in product design and readability. A true asset to your interior decor!
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Lemnos RIKI analoge klok 'Hibiya No Tokei' by Riki Watanabe

Japanese star designer Riki Watanabe based the 'Hibiya No Tokei' analog clock on the famous railway clock from the seventies. You find this in the white dial combined with its black hands and red accent. This sleek design fits perfectly in a modern interior! 

this analog clock has excellent readability


In addition to a strong design Watanabe has provided a perfect readability. The minute hand reaches to the edge of the dial so you can easily read the minutes, the timestamps 12, 3, 6 and  9 are fitted with an accent. These are features that you would expect from an analog clock. 

silent operation

This clock with aluminum body features a noiseless operation through the sweep-movement clockwork, and is equipped with a mineral glass front plate. You can choose from two sizes, Small (with seconds hand) has a diameter of 20.4 cm and a thickness of 60 mm, or Large (no second hand) with a diameter of 25.6 cm and a thickness of 46 mm.

Designer: Riki Watanabe
Dimensions: Dimensions: 20.4 cm x D6cm | 25.6cm x D4.6cm
Materials: Steel, Glass, Aluminium
Weight: 600 gr | 740 gr
Guarantee: 1 year warranty
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0 stars based on 0 reviews