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Deknudt Spia is a small round mirror diameter 41 cm

'Spia' is a unique, round decorative mirror, consisting of a central concaved mirror, surrounded by a ring of mirrored or black painted glass around it. A real eye-catcher!
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Deknudt Spia is a small round mirror diameter 41 cm

Eye-catching 'Spia' by Deknudt, consists of a central convexed round mirror, which is surrounded by a clear mirrored glass or black lacquered glass ring. 

Spia has a definite decorative function. One could group more of the mirrors together on the wall and create a truly unique wall decoration! The concaved middle mirror (called the 'Spy') gives the amazing distorted effect of the mirror reflection. 

You can choose Spia with a mirror glass ring (Spia Mirror) or with a ring of black laquered glass (Spia Couture). It could be a great design idea to combin two of the different types on one wall, creating a very unique wall deisgn. This round mirror is very easy to hang-up! 

Size: diameter 41 cm | 16 inch
Weight: 2,5 Kg
Designer: Annemie Vanzieleghem
Warranty: 1 year warranty
Materials: glass, mdf
Packing & Shipping: Packed on pallet
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0 stars based on 0 reviews