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Deknudt Poppy retro mirror has a diameter of 100 cm

'Poppy' retro mirror has a unique look which reminds us of the seventies! Flower power and oh-so pretty!
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Deknudt Poppy retro mirror has a diameter of 100 cm

'Poppy' is a large round retro mirror of 100 cm in diameter, mounted on a silver colored mdf backplate. Along the rim of the mirror are three rows of smaller-faceted mini round mirrors, with varied diamteres, from 9.5 to 6cm. These rings give Poppy its distinctive flower look and 70's appeal! 

a large mirror for your interior design 

With its many little round mirrors in the design, Poppy provides a unique reflection effect; this retro mirror is sure to give your interior a 'pop' of interest! Having a large mirror on the wall of your room, gives the optical illusion of making a room appear larger - therefore Poppy will look great in your livingroom or bedroom! In addition, a round framed mirror breaks up the otherwise rectangular lines of a room.

Want to know more about this beautiful retro mirror? Ask via robin@wilhelminadesigns.com or call us via 071-36 485 61.

size: diameter 100 cm | 39 inch
weight: 18 Kg
frame color: -
designer: Deknudt
warranty: 1 year warranty
materials: mirrored glass
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0 stars based on 0 reviews