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Deknudt 'Milano' mirror with wooden frame

'Milano', a simplistic, rectangular mirror with a natural wooden frame, by Deknudt Mirrors factory, with a unique stripe-finish varnish. Available in two sizes!
Delivery time 2-3 weeks (if on stock 4-6 business days)
Deknudt 'Milano' mirror with wooden frame

For those who love a more natural interior design, we offer 'Milano', a lovely mirror with an all-natural wooden frame. The wooden frame is varnished with a very unique stripe-finish, as special technique from Deknudt. 

Comes in two sizes: Large: 57 x 147 cm or Small: 71 x 98 cm

Deknut offers the Homka collection, to provide consumers with beautifully-made, high-quality mirror products. Deknudt's mirror designs are exceptional in appearance and quality.

size: 57 x 147 cm | 71 x 98 cm
weight: 8,7 kg | 7,1 kg
frame color: Hout
designer: Deknudt
warranty: 1 year warranty
materials: glass, polyurethane, wood
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0 stars based on 0 reviews