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Contardi 'Agata' floor lamp with rotating cap

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'Agata' is equipped with a uniquely rotating cap, which makes it possible to adjust the lighting. This lamp is available in gold.
Delivery time 2-3 weeks
Contardi 'Agata' floor lamp with rotating cap

'Agata' is a floor lamp is designed by Gianluigi Landoni, from Italian manufacturers Contardi. A simple, yet playful design is the typical style of Gianluigi.  He designed Agata with a lampshade cap that can be moved; you can adjust the lighting. Put it upright for reading, or tilted to illuminate the room. 

Italian style

Agata lamp is a primary example of Contardi's excellent price-quality ratio. Based in Desio, in northern Italy, Contardi makes high quality lamps and lighting products for the international market. In addition to consumer products, Contardi delivers quality lighting to worldwide hotel and yachting industries. Many of the lighting products from famous brands such as Giorgio Armani, B&B Italia and Giorgetti are produced by Contardi.

brand: Contardi Lighting
Dimensions: Ø 32,5 cm | 12.6” h 184 cm | 72.3”
finishes: gold leaf
bulb: 2 x 42W E27 halogen energy saving bulbs
designer: Gianluigi Landoni
warranty: 1 year
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0 stars based on 0 reviews